Monday Motivation: Cactus, the Guide Dog

{Cactus, the guide dog}

Meet Cactus, my aunt’s 3 year old black lab and guide dog for the blind.  Cactus works 5 days/week, 8 hours/day just like most humans.  Cactus also goes to the gym four times a week and takes breaks while my aunt runs on the treadmill.  Practice is important, so Cactus stays on top of her training by taking the elevator and escalator, though she’s used to taking the bus, BART, Amtrak, and taxi on a regular basis.  And just like humans, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise is integral for her to maintain optimal functioning.  Cactus’ personality is playful and affectionate, and she is a fast/eager learner who loves people.  Some advice for those who encounter a guide dog: remember not to disrupt the dogs while they’re working and be sure to ask the guide dog’s handler to get permission before you pet them.

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Cactus, the Guide Dog

  1. I absolutely LOVED this post!!
    (You know I would… )
    Cactus is such an incredible, inspiring role model to all people and to all service dogs.
    Just three years old and what an enormous help! Good for your aunt for taking such great care of Cactus.
    I 💗 Cactus!

    • Hi Dyane, fellow dog lover! 😃🐶. Yes had a feeling you’d approve of my post! I am amazed everytime I see Cactus with my aunt…so inspiring to see the hardwork, love & dedication cactus has. They make an amazing team!

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