How I Connect With Our Future Doctors

Latino Medical Student Association National Conference 2016

I realize it has been a few weeks since my last blogpost and the reason is because I have been even busier since receiving wonderful opportunities to speak at conferences.  Blogging and being active on social media has provided an amazing outlet to share my views on mental health, yet speaking at conferences would also be a great way to directly connect with our future doctors and health care professionals.  I’m pretty open on my blog about my previous struggles with social anxiety, so although public speaking can be challenging and highly anxiety-provoking, it has been one of my best methods for overcoming my anxiety.

The video above is a quick edit of my participation as a speaker for the Latino Medical Student Association’s National Conference, which was held at my medical school, Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific.  I hosted a workshop on ‘medical student burnout’ and was also a panelist for the Women In Medicine panel.  Speaking at my medical school was a reminder of how I’ve come full circle as a former struggling medical student and returning as a physician sharing my knowledge and experiences!

Video by Marlon Santos

5 thoughts on “How I Connect With Our Future Doctors

  1. So, I was pondering: what would be the perfect gift for a psychiatrist with a hectic schedule, but one who might get bummed out if she spent too much time vegging out? And an alternative to early morning house cleaning. 😉 Well, fortunately I was doing some research on my lunch break and came across this:

    Yes, indeed, it’s the New York Times featured author page for Erik Erikson. Now, no need to plunge into those Erikson books, sight unseen. Just read the reviews and take your pick! The reviews also have the added benefit of reflecting the views on psychiatry when they were written. History of the profession bonus!

    • hi Tom! wow, this is a great link…thx so much for this! And the 1st paragraph of your comment is soooo spot on as far as things to consider for me when deciding on the perfect gift 😉 Much appreciated & looking fwd to starting the reading list!

  2. Nice to see your video, with the attentive and warm response you get to your speaking. It strikes me that you have an outer veil of shyness, but an inner courage of your convictions. Good work! And I like your voice.

    • Thanks Tom. Spot on with your assessment yet again…it actually struck me to see a bit of my shyness come out in the video as well…reminded me of how I was as a kid but in a good way 🙂

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