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Living Free and Spontaneous

{Malibu, California}

This may be my quickest blogpost to date, which is uncharacteristic of me because I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to writing.  But I wanted to give a personal update since I haven’t posted about my life in recent weeks on here.  Looking back at my posts from 2015, I recognize how much I’ve grown and changed my lifestyle and career to prioritize myself and what’s important for me, my family, friends, and patients.  I recall writing this post last year on my desire to explore new places and live freely after all my restrictive years in medical training, and must say that I’ve lived up to my words in 2016!

The pic above was taken recently during the Malibu Wine Safari tour as part of my birthday celebration last month (thanks to my brother for the birthday gift!) and today I’m taking off for a last minute, spontaneous international trip to a country I’m super excited to visit, but honestly wasn’t prepared for since this California girl isn’t used to the rapidly changing and varied climate of this country (hint: the name of the country sounds very cold and is an island).  Hence, the quick blogpost today since I need to go finish packing before my flight leaves in a few hours!

If you’d like to follow along on my adventures, be sure to follow me on my Snapchat (@freudandfashion)!!  PS: in addition to my daily adventures, I also post educational material on mental health and show my humorous side via parodies about shrinks.

Photo by Alex Manipod

11 thoughts on “Living Free and Spontaneous

  1. Have a great trip! Glad you’re finding more of a balance (that’s what I”m hearing)..and speaking just for myself, I do not mind @ all, blog posts that are short, and maybe not as polished as you want. (rather than nothing)

        • I appreciate u checking in DM! I’m approaching the end of my semi-social media break and am just about ready to write a blogpost. The break was much needed to spark my creativity again 😊. But your comment makes me feel much more at ease about writing ‘imperfectly,’ so thank u! 😃

  2. Enjoy the Aurora Borealis if you get a chance, you are on one of the best islands to view it. We expect a full trip report when you get back!

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