Advice on How To Cope With Burnout

{Napa, California}

Hello my blog friends!  For those who aren’t on Instagram, I wanted to share what I wrote on my post today about coping with burnout:

One of the hallmarks of burnout is that taking time off from work doesn’t renew your energy/interest in the work you do.  After a relaxing Thanksgiving break, I felt super motivated to return to work and start seeing my patients today, yet the way I felt at my previous job during this exact time 2 years ago was a different story.  There are numerous factors that contribute to burnout (many are difficult to pinpoint & identify, which is why people often feel they were blindsided by it).

There are different ways to deal with burnout, and though the hope would be that your employers quickly make changes to improve your situation, the likelihood of that can be pretty low.  Therefore, you must be PROACTIVE and take action if you want your quality of life to improve.  Depending on your situation, this can be anything from taking an extended time off, working out issues with your employer, cutting back on work hours, or finding a new job/career. One of the 1st things to do is get support (from a trusted friend, family member, union, mentor, colleague, therapist, etc).  And definitely ADVOCATE for yourself (I can’t stress this enough!).  Often in our careers, when we are given unrealistic expectations that challenge our values/views/identity, we are left with feelings of failure and self-defeat, but the only way to improve our situation is to stand up and recognize our value and worth.
Thought of the Day:  Have you ever experienced burnout from your job?  If so, what did you find to be most helpful at overcoming it?

4 thoughts on “Advice on How To Cope With Burnout

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  2. Hi! Thank you for sharing!! I’m a student at WesternU at the Oregon campus and was hoping to ask for a HUGE favor.. I saw on instagram you presented at WesternU recently on student burnout and was wondering if you would be willing to stream any future presentations to our campus? We stream on a regular basis for lecture and I’m sure we would enjoy learning a bit about what you have to say. Thank you!! ☺

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