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Intern Year Memories in Smitten Scrubs

{Smitten Bliss Scrubs c/o Smitten Scrubs via Scrub Shopper}

The last time that I wore a pair of scrubs was several years ago as an intern physician doing internal medicine.  And they were the standard pale blue hospital scrubs that you practically live in as an intern rotating through the hospital wards as part of the internal medicine, family medicine, general surgery, emergency medicine, and ob/gyn teams.  I recall running up and down the hospital stairs in them, zipping through the emergency medicine floor in them, and getting various bodily fluids splattered onto them despite my best obsessive-compulsive attempts to keep them clean.  Then, the routine was to fall asleep on the couch in my scrubs within seconds upon returning home from a 30-hour shift.  Hence, scrubs have provided me with memories both exhausting and accomplishing.

As a psychiatrist, I no longer wear scrubs, though I miss the ease of getting up in the morning without having to dedicate minutes contemplating what to wear to work.  Therefore, when Scrub Shopper reached out to me to promote the relaunch of one of their brand lines, Smitten Bliss, I was excited to wear and experience the new generation of scrub designs and styles.

The following is my opinion regarding the Smitten Bliss line scrubs that I received:

  • Warmth – I was out running errands on a cold, chilly, yet crisp day in so-cal.  These scrubs kept me pretty warm and I was able to wear them without having to wear layers underneath nor a jacket over it.
  • Comfort – the scrubs are made with polyester & spandex and provide enough stretch to allow ease of movement.
  • Style – these scrubs are far more stylish than the standard hospital scrubs!  The material is of high quality.  They come in a variety of colors (berry, heather grey, royal blue).  The ones I’m wearing are in navy.  I also love the pink trim, which adds a pop of color.
  • Sizing – I love that the pants come in petite sizes (which is perfect since I’m 5’2”).  The top in size small was slightly longer in length than I prefer, but I’m sure would be perfect for those taller than me.
  • Functionality – The pants and top have several pockets, which are much needed while on the job.

And what I really like about Scrub Shopper is their Give Back campaign in which Scrub Shopper offers donations to Susan G Komen, Doctors Without Borders, St. Jude’s, the Abandoned Pet Project, and the Greta James Scholarship Foundation.  Customers will have the option at checkout to choose one of those options, and they will donate $1 per order to the organization of their choice.

And as an added bonus, Scrub Shopper and I have collaborated to host a GIVEAWAY for one of my followers on Instagram to receive a free pair of Smitten Bliss scrubs!  Check out my link here for simple rules on how to participate!

Do you wear scrubs to work??  And if so, what is the most important factor about the type of scrubs you choose (cost, style, pockets, color, etc)??

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