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I’m interested in working with like-minded people and organizations that share the same vision of promoting awareness & destigmatization of mental health.  If interested in working together, please email me at freudandfashion@gmail.com.


June 7, 2017:  “Advice for physicians struggling with burnout or mental illness.” (The DO)

April 25, 2017:  “88th Annual Physician Report: Ambivalence wreaking havoc in primary care” (Medical Economics)

December 29, 2016:  “7 New Year’s Resolutions to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance” (The DO)

May 11, 2016:  “DOs, Students Take To Instagram To Educate Others On Osteopathic Medicine.” (The DO)

March 11, 2016: “Battling Burnout: More than half of US family physicians are burned out, according to survey.”  (The DO)

January 23, 2016: “How This Doctor Beat Burnout. You can, Too.” (KevinMD.com)

October 22, 2015:  “Resist The Tendency To Label Your Patients.”  (KevinMD.com)

August 28, 2015:  “The Constant Fear of Losing A Patient To Suicide.” (KevinMD.com)

July 24, 2015:  “I Tried Not To Let A Drug Rep Influence Me. But He Probably Already Did.” (KevinMD.com)

June 30, 2015:  “A Psychiatrist is Burnt Out and Depressed. Here’s What She Did About It.” (KevinMD.com)


December 19, 2015:  Interview with A Healer’s Heart (Med Sisters Series)

December 1, 2015:  Interview with Love Infinity

October 15, 2015:  Interview with Wonderland Organics

October 8, 2015:  Interview with The Self-Discovery Retreat

April 6, 2015: Interview with MedDebate

6 thoughts on “Features & Interviews

  1. I think reducing stigma for mental illness and even mental health treatment is paramount to improving the quality of our patient’s lives or even saving lives. Both in research and in practice, reducing stigma is one of my personal missions. I appreciate your perspectives and willingness to put your experiences out there… all of us young professionals are undoubtably thinking about the same things! -Candace (Ph.D. student)

    • Hi Candace! Thank u so much for the comment! My sis is such a huge supporter of my blog…I appreciate you checking out my posts. We definitely share the same mission of ridding of the stigma of mental illness and believe one way to do so is to share experiences. I think we/ our new generation of mental health professionals have the potential to make great strides towards that goal. Best of luck in grad school (and don’t forget selfcare)!!

  2. Thanks for what you do. I found out about your blog from a colleague. I’m a psychiatrist (practicing psychiatry for 11 years now) in the Philippines, where there are only 500 of us, taking care of a population of 100 million. Psychiatrist burnout is real. Thank you for pointing that out in your blog.

    I write better than this. But I suppose I am pretty burnt out. Heehee. Resting now. Hope to see you at APA or other international fora.

    • Hi doc! You know I’ve actually sent a message to the Phillipine Psychiatric Association asking if I could volunteer my services there for a few months and I never received a reply! That was several years ago…I was very disappointed especially since I’d love to give back to my country of heritage (I am Filipino as well). Thank u for the work u do…I hope that the importance of psychiatry grows so that more will join the field and hopefully u will have less burnout while people also get more access to the care they need ❤

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